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A Beautiful Country Tour with Gurgaon Escort Girl part 1

I have visited many countries and shared the experience with each visitor with you, This time I am going to visit the country which is the name of that country is South Korea, I and the Gurgaon Escort girl went to this country last month, I'm going to share the experience with you here.


This country is also known as Republic of  Korea, this country is east Asian country,  These countries maintain their very high credentials in Asia, this country is a thriving country, this country is very good in terms of technology,

Here me and the Gurgaon Escort Girl have made a lot of purchase, Here you will find the items of technology at very low prices, Here you will find gadgets with latest technology, People here come from a very rich class, you will not get to see poverty here,

Demography of south Korea

If a country needs to grow rapidly, it will have to control its populations, the country which has a higher population can not develop the country soon, Korea is a developed country because they have control over their populations, the population here is about 50 million people, The total area of South Korea is 100,363 kilometers square, and  population density is approximately 500 people per square kilometer, This country is counted in a very beautiful country, The people here are very quiet nature, seeing the people here, the Gurgaon Escorts girl liked it, they made about 20 friends in just 15 days, The Koreans consider Indian a lot, they like Indian very much, so you will not have to face any problem in Korea, And if you have a Gurgaon Escorts girl together, you will get more comfort,

How to reach South Korea

If you want to go from India to South Korea, you can go both ways from the air route and sea way, From New Delhi, there will be a plain facility for Directly Sol, you will reach Delhi in about 10 hours, Bay Air is about 5000 km from Delhi, so you should go by air travel, We and Keyword Girl also went to South Korea via airplane.

If you are able to travel for a long time, you can also go through Via Sea, Because by sea you will be able to reach there in about 20 to 25 days, because your ship will go around the entire Indian Ocean, But for those who love the sea, this trip can be memorable, Because you will continue to see the huge watershed for many days, cold air, small tide It is all about remembering life, So if you want to go in a leftover holiday, then it will be fun for you to go through the sea.

Now I will tell you about Daily Need, how can you fulfill your Daily Need,

From my perspective, Daily Need means eating , staying and drinking, When you go to another country, then you first have to worry about living and eating, Because without it you can not travel, it is fun to roam only when your stomach is full and sleep is good, And your belly will fill only when your favorite food is in front of you, And if you need a good place to complete the sleep, then I am telling you about good hotels and all the festive food today.

Living Facility in South Korea:-

There will be no problem for you in South Korea, because there you will find a hotel and restaurant for every budget, I and the Gurgaon Escorts girl booked a 5 star hotel, but if we did a little bit searching, we would have got some good options in this budget, Whatever budget you have, you can easily stay there, If your budget is low and went to the group and I can stay away from the city, then you will also get a small lodge there, Which is very cheap, there are many options to stay there, so do not worry much for stay

Now you enjoy the festive food here and with my Gurgaon Call Girls

So, let's enjoy the wonderful food and the food here that I'm going to take pleasure in,

Kimchi:- Korean people's favorite food, which is a part of their diet since 2000 years, This is a vegetarian diet, but Indians should eat it after understanding it, because it is made by preserve, Black pepper, garlic, ginger and scallio's bed are prepared with salt for a few days by preserving it, These spicy and healthy foods are very tasty, you can tastes once and see if you like it, you can eat it by eating it, Because these food you will find in every restaurant, I also tasted this Tasty Food, I'm Spicy Lover, so I liked it very much, then try it too.


This is also a very tasty food in Korea, although it has been taken from Origin China, It's a type of noodle, and you know that people of Chinese origin prefer nothing more to the noodle, If you prefer non-veg, then you can take this food with Egg or else you can also eat it with sauce, It's a Delicious Food, you take it, we and Gurgaon Call Girls eat it one time , that’s a yummy,

Today I end up in the first part because the night is very much and I'm going to sleep, And I have to do some fun with Gurgaon Call Girls, so the next thing I will tell you in the next article, My next article tomorrow will be published in this time, till then you wait for me, And also send us feedback, Good Night Sweet Dream Let's meet tomorrow, Thanks

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