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How to be cool in this hectic summer, learn by Gurgaon Escort girl

Summer is showing its formidable appearance, The temperature is continuously crossing 45 degrees, Humidity is completely destroyed from the atmosphere, If you stay in the sun for a while then the possibility of getting heat stroke becomes stronger, Summer is proven to be very fatal, Temperatures have become much higher due to the higher industriality in areas like Gururgram and Gurgaon, Pollution has also crossed its limit, But I'm going to tell you how to stay cool even in this hot summer, this is the way I learned from the service of the Gurgaon Escort, For this, I will always thank the service of the Gurgaon Escort, due to which I remain in the Jolly Mood even after having heat today, I remember the day when I was hit by the heat stroke, One day I went to work in Gurgaon, The month of June was going on, the temperature was around 45 degrees, All of a sudden I got dizzy and I fell, My whole body was pained and I was experiencing horror in my forehead,

Then a beautiful girl came in front of me and raised me up with support, Then they woke me up, And then he got a bottle from his bag, in which raw mango juice was full, I drank most of the raw mangoes, He transported me to his house, and went around telling me how he was cool in this summer, I started working on the tips given by him the next day, and I have not yet had to face the heat stroke again, I will tell you those sadi tips, if you accept these tips, you can also keep yourself cool this summer, It also has favorable effect on your health,

Drink Much water:- It has been said that water is life, if you use excess water, you are at a lesser risk of any type of disease, If you drink more water then you will also urinate more, So that the dirt gets out from your body, Drinking too much water does not even threaten dehydration, More water intake makes your skin shine, And also makes you energized, So drink a glass of water every half hour, Water retains moisture in your body, Therefore use at least 5 liters of water throughout the day,

Eat aqueous fruit:- In the summer months, use the fruit that has high amount of water, These foods protect your body from dehydration by increasing the level of water, In the hydrated fruit, essential nutrients are also found which is essential for the growth of the body, By using more of the following written fruit you can avoid heat wave,

 Watermelon and Muskmelon:- Both of these fruits increase the level of water in the body and protect you from the grip of heat stroke, Both of these fruits will increase the water situation in the body and together, These vitamins are also very high, they are rich in anti-oxidants, It is also able to protect against diabetes, Those who have high fat in their body can use watermelons to reduce fat, Therefore, they should use them in the summer,

Cucumber, tomato, raw mango and onion salad:- Salad food is very beneficial for health, If you use salad in your daily diet, it helps keep you away from many diseases, Cucumbers are high nutrients fruit, It protects the body from water scarcity, It is full of anti oxidants, Tomato is considered as a rich source of vitamins C, It also contains the amount of vitamin A and K, which makes the body energetic and efficient, Vitamin C and A are also found in abundance in Raw Mango, There are many elements found in onion that gives a lot of benefit to the body, This is a huge enemy of heat stroke, It increases the immunity of the disease in the body, There are many properties of fighting cancer, It strong your heart, It keeps maintain blood sugars, It strengthens your digestive system, It also makes your phone healthy, It also destroys allergy, If you are suffering from short sleep, then definitely eat onions, this will give you a very good sleep

If the sun is too high then do not go out:- If the outside sunlight is much faster then survive outside, If work is very important, take the umbrella, You can also apply a hat, and use sun glasses to avoid allergic reactions, The rays of the sun are rising from 10am to 4pm, Try to get less out in the meantime, And take a bottle of water with you,

Drink wood apple and raw mango juice:- Raw mangoes and Wood Apple juice  are very good medicines in the heat stroke, If you drink a glass of raw Apple Apple juice in the morning and drink apple juice, then you will not have any damage to the heat wave. So use them a lot,

If you want to know more, you need to contact Gurgaon Escorts Girl, They will provide you with many more information, They have a stock of such knowledge, He will provide you with all the information from the big intentions, If you want more information through the Gurgaon Escorts Service Girl, then you will have to book their service, You will have to go to their office to book their service, You can also book their service by phone, If you want their contact number, you can visit the official site of the Gurugram Escorts service, Here you will get a contact number, which you can call and make a call, You can also book through their text message or through WhatsApp message, So do not delay, for more information, you book the service of the Gurugram Escort.

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China Thick Paper Bags China Zinc oxide petroleum grade manufacturers

China Zinc oxide petroleum grade manufacturers(

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Ps Plastic Egg Tray Vacuum Forming Machine Low Price Indirect Zinc Oxide

Low Price Indirect Zinc Oxide(

Custom processing Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets

Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets(

Plastic Pet Blowing Bottles Blow Mold Factory 5000mah Rc Lipo Battery

5000mah Rc Lipo Battery(

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Building powder coatings Price List Alkaline


Fancy BASIC BLUE 41 (C.I. 11105) China Diamond Tools

China Diamond Tools(

Cylindrical Candle China 997 ZnO powder manufacturers

China 997 ZnO powder manufacturers(

Adjustable Wristband 1000m3/h Sea Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger Made in China

1000m3/h Sea Sand Dredging Cutter Suction Dredger Made in China(

Golden Paper Cups Low Price CNC Machining Home Appliance Auto Spare Parts

Low Price CNC Machining Home Appliance Auto Spare Parts(

Advertising Led Display Screen Fashion High Purity Electronic Grade Zinc Oxide

Fashion High Purity Electronic Grade Zinc Oxide(

11.1v Lipo Battery Pack Buy Discount Vat Orange 7

Buy Discount Vat Orange 7(

Frosted Spirits Bottle Sand Dredger Price List

Sand Dredger Price List(

Latest Selling Electronic Grade Zinc Oxide 99.7% HDPE/PP T-Grip Sheet Extrusion Machine

HDPE/PP T-Grip Sheet Extrusion Machine(

Classy River Dredger Centrifugal Gravel Sand Suction Pump Ffp1 Cup Respirator Without Valve

Ffp1 Cup Respirator Without Valve(

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Gear Motor River Dredger Centrifugal Gravel Sand Suction Pump Price

River Dredger Centrifugal Gravel Sand Suction Pump Price(

Buy Vat Orange GR New Drywall Sander

New Drywall Sander(

1/4 Flat Fan Air Atomizing Nozzle Gravel Ocean Sea Sand Transfer Pump Made in China

Gravel Ocean Sea Sand Transfer Pump Made in China(

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Sea Cutter Suction Dredger In Stock Featured


Tire Rubber Grade Zinc Oxide Powder Cake Display Cooler

Cake Display Cooler(

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Electric Hand Tools China Fully Hydraulic Cutter Head 24 Suction Cutter Dredger Barge Factory

China Fully Hydraulic Cutter Head 24 Suction Cutter Dredger Barge Factory(

Mortar grade HPMC In Stock China Roof Top Tent and Carpa En La Azotea price

China Roof Top Tent and Carpa En La Azotea price(

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RWH Series CNC Milling Medical Laser Machining Parts Made in China

CNC Milling Medical Laser Machining Parts Made in China(

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Economy Partial Extension Drawer Slides Discount Hpmc chemical hydroxypropyl

Discount Hpmc chemical hydroxypropyl(

Easy-maintainable Sand Suction Dredging Equipment 10mm Metal Laser Cutting Machine

10mm Metal Laser Cutting Machine(

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Filtre de bruit de puissance Latest Selling Sulphur Bordeaux 3B

Latest Selling Sulphur Bordeaux 3B(

Canvas pet bowl manufacturer Injection Medical Device Accessories Molds Made in China

Injection Medical Device Accessories Molds Made in China(

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Advanced Sand Suction Dredging Vessel Pump Chair Modern Plastic

Chair Modern Plastic(

Quality Polyester Powder Coating Ceramic Printing On Glass

Ceramic Printing On Glass(

Babi Kid Indoor Swing Chair Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose for Mortar Suppliers

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose for Mortar Suppliers(

Elite Poly Solar Panels Low Price Powder Coating For Water Pipe

Low Price Powder Coating For Water Pipe(

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Rubber grade zinc oxide 99.7% powder In Stock Carbide Mining Tools

Carbide Mining Tools(

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Commercial Grade Trampoline Building powder coatings Brands

Building powder coatings Brands(

High purity indirect zinc oxide Manufacturers Discount Insulin Syringes

Discount Insulin Syringes(

China Button Drill Bits Factory Sulphur Black 1 Price

Sulphur Black 1 Price(

Vegan Food Cutter Suction Dredger Sand Pumping Machine Price List

Cutter Suction Dredger Sand Pumping Machine Price List(

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bedruckter Spandex-Stoff China Special powder coatings for guardrails suppliers

China Special powder coatings for guardrails suppliers(

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Teflon Block CAS NO.: 93050-79-4

CAS NO.: 93050-79-4(

Hpmc hidroxipropil metilcelulosa methocel In Stock Macchina da taglio laser non metallica

Macchina da taglio laser non metallica(

Active zinc oxide powder for rubber In Stock Pvc Coated Fiberglass Fabric

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China Powder Coatings for Auto Parts manufacturers 3q N95 Face Mask

3q N95 Face Mask(

Aluminum Adapter China Plastic Grade HPMC Powder Factory

China Plastic Grade HPMC Powder Factory(

Feed Grade Zinc Oxide 76% Factory 180m Drill Rig

180m Drill Rig(

Buy Zno Feed Grade Door To Door Service To Manila

Door To Door Service To Manila(

Legrand Circuit Breaker Advanced Plastic Grade HPMC Powder

Advanced Plastic Grade HPMC Powder(

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Newest Direct red 23(

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Expensive Bike Helmets Powder Coatings for Auto Parts Price List

Powder Coatings for Auto Parts Price List(

Fashion Resistance Grade Zinc Oxide Travel Steam Iron

Travel Steam Iron(

Water Purifier Market Powder coating for pipelines Free Sample

Powder coating for pipelines Free Sample(

Durable Electronic Grade Zinc Oxide Powder Generator-Rauschfilter


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